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Suzy – Yes No Maybe Lyrics

수지 (Suzy) – Yes No Maybe Lyrics

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Suzy – Yes No Maybe Song About

Artist: Suzy
Released: January 23, 2017
Korean Title:
English Title: Yes No Maybe
Genre: K-pop
Label: JYP Entertainment
Album: Yes? No? mini album

Suzy – Yes No Maybe English Lyrics

Don’t pick up
I know when I hear your voice
My heart will shake again
Though I tried to just talk to you

Yes no maybe
I don’t know my heart
I try to not see you ever again
But I’m going to you again
Now no more baby

I hate myself for doing this, hate me
I can’t not see you
But I can’t see you either
Yes no no yes no
No yes yes no yes

Suzy – Yes No Maybe Hangul Lyrics

받지마 알잖아 목소릴 들으면
분명히 내 맘이 또 다시 흔들려
잠깐만 얘기만
나누려 했지만 했지만

Yes no maybe
도대체 내 맘이 뭔지
다신 너를 안 보려 해도
또 너에게 가고 있어
이젠 no more baby

Suzy – Yes No Maybe Romanization Lyrics

batjima aljanha moksoril deureumyeon
bunmyeonghi nae mami tto dasi heundeullyeo
jamkkanman yaegiman
nanuryeo haessjiman haessjiman

Yes no maybe
dodaeche nae mami mwonji
dasin neoreul an boryeo haedo
tto neoege gago isseo
ijen no more baby

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