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SEVENTEEN – Check-In Lyrics

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SEVENTEEN – Check-In English Lyrics

I’m sitting here and there is a cloud beside me
12 km above the earth, I’ve been sitting here for half a day
I feel stiff
Apple juice watching sing street
Time goes by so slowly
But I can’t sleep from a flash of inspiration

Hold up hold up hold up
It’s too cold in here
But my friends over the telephone are hot
I think I can fall asleep after becoming more comfortable with new things
Oh, I’m in the small plane I used to look at
Above those people, they look so tiny
How small was I?

SEVENTEEN – Check-In Hangul Lyrics

Hold up hold up 여긴 너무 추워
전화기 너머 친구들은 더워
새로운 것들에 쩔어
토해내야 잠에 들것 같아 그래서
Oh 올려다본 작은 뱅기에
내가 타있고 사람들 머리 위에
얼마나 작아보이던지
난 얼마나 작았던거지

Check in Seoul City (Seoul City)
Check in Singapore City (Melbourne, Sydney)
Check in Manila City (Bangkok, Hongkong)
Check in (어디든) hell yeah
I check in i check in like

SEVENTEEN – Check-In Romantization Lyrics

anj-aiss-eo naeyeop en guleum-i tteoiss-eo
sang-gong sibi killomiteo bannajeol jug-eola anj-aiss-eo
mom-eun ppeogeun hae michim
Apple juice watching sing street
sigan-i neomu anga
hankkeos tteooleuneun yeong-gamdeul-e jam mos ilwo nan

Hold up hold up hold up yeogin neomu chuwo
jeonhwagi neomeo chingudeul-eun deowo
saeloun geosdeul-e jjeol-eo
tohaenae ya jam-e deulgeos gat-a geulaeseo
oh ollyeoda bon jag-eun baeng-gie

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