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RM, Wale Change Lyrics

Rap Monseter Wale Change Lyrics

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RM, Wale Change Song About

special collaborative single ‘Change’ by RM, Wale is out now.

Music video credits:

Director: Beomjin _ VM Project Architecture @vm_project
1st AD: Jiwoo Kim @_jiwookim_
2nd AD: Soobin Park @soob92
Line Producer: Yohan Joo @jooyohan
DOP: Eumko @eumko
Gaffer: Seungnam Yun
Art director: mu:e @mue.artwork (jinsil park, bona kim)
Post production: jeawook lee, jason kim @huchu2jasonn

RM, Wale Change English Lyrics

Oh tell me that dark could never win the light
Oh tell me that wrong could never win the right
Baby tell me that we gon’ someday start the fight
And tell me that every, everything gon’ be alright

Oh tell me who’s stupid, baby, is it me or them?
Just tell me who’s insane, baby, is it me or them?
In this crazy world after patience could we get the pearl?
But this world, which teaches me, preaches me how to curl

RM, Wale Change Hangul Lyrics
RM, Wale ChangeRomanization Lyrics

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