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Rain – The Best Present Lyrics

비 (Rain) – The Best Present (최고의 선물 (Prod. by PSY)) Lyrics

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Rain – The Best Present Song About

Artist: Rain (비)
Produced by: PSY
Released: January 15, 2017
Korean Title: 최고의 선물
English Title: The Best Present
Genre: K-pop
Label: Loen Entertainment, Rain Company
Single: The Best Present

Rain – The Best Present English Lyrics

When I get tired and fall down
Slowly when I give up everything
It was you who hug me
It was you who caught me
Yes, it was you

People tell me
I’m not that worthy
Then you tell me
There’s only one to you

Rain – The Best Present Hangul Lyrics

힘이 들고 지쳐서 나 쓰러질 때쯤
서서히 내 모든 것을 포기할 때쯤
날 안아준 건 너였어
날 붙잡아준 건 너였어
그랬어, 그래 너였어

사람들은 내게 말해
별볼일 없다고
그때 너는 내게 말해
나 밖에 없다고
내가 어떤 상황이던

Rain – The Best Present Romanization Lyrics

him-i deulgo jichyeoseo na sseuleojil ttaejjeum
seoseohi nae modeun geos-eul pogihal ttaejjeum
nal an-ajun geon neoyeoss-eo
nal butjab-ajun geon neoyeoss-eo
geulaess-eo, geulae neoyeoss-eo

salamdeul-eun naege malhae
byeolbol-il eobsdago
geuttae neoneun naege malhae
na bakk-e eobsdago

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