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Punch – When My Loneliness Calls You Lyrics

Punch (펀치) – 나의 외로움이 널 부를 때 (When My Loneliness Calls Out To You) Lyrics Missing Nine OST

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Punch – When My Loneliness Calls You Song About

Single: 나의 외로움이 널 부를 때 | naui oeroumi neol bureul ttae
Lyrics: 조동희
Composition: 조동익
Arrangement: 김진환
Release date: 2017.01.27

Punch – When My Loneliness Calls You English Lyrics

My feelings for you
Are now slowly cooling

But I didn’t forget
Throughout the countless winters
Your hand that embraced me

When the cold air starts to blow
It comes back to life

Your shadowed face
I know you can’t ever come back to me
But sometimes, on a day like today

Punch – When My Loneliness Calls You Hangul Lyrics

널 위한 나의 마음이
이제는 조금씩
식어가고 있어

하지만 잊진 않았지
수많은 겨울들
나를 감싸 안던 너의 손을

서늘한 바람이 불어올 때쯤엔
또다시 살아나

그늘진 너의 얼굴이
다시 내게 돌아올 수
없는 걸 알고 있지만

Punch – When My Loneliness Calls You Romanization Lyrics

neol wihan naui maeumi
ijeneun jogeumssik
sigeogago isseo

hajiman ijjin anhassji
sumanheun gyeouldeul
nareul gamssa andeon neoui soneul

seoneulhan barami bureool ttaejjeumen
ttodasi sarana

geuneuljin neoui eolguri
dasi naege doraol su

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