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NCT 127 Limitless Lyrics

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NCT 127 Limitless Song About

“Limitless (무한적아, 無限的我)” is a title track recorded by South Korean singer NCT 127. boy group NCT 127. It was released on January 06, 2017 by SM Entertainment.

NCT 127 will be making their comeback with their 2nd mini album “NCT #127 LIMITLESS” on January 6th. From this album, DOYOUNG and JOHNNY joined the team, so nine members (TAEYONG, TAEIL, YUTA, JAEHYUN, WIN WIN, MARK, HAECHAN, DOYOUNG and JOHNNY) will be presenting the new music and performances with this upcoming album. Check out the HAECHAN’s teaser video of the new album, and stay tuned for the updates, while waiting for their comeback!

NCT 127 Limitless English Lyrics

The dream that shook my world last night
If it’s a nightmare or I’m still in a dream
I’m following the familiar light The maze in the dream
I found another pathway there

The room is opening From the bottom
In the dark
I finally see you that look like me (I’m you and you’re me)
I’m following the light and the sound that tapped me and woke me
Shiver goes down and I finally get to know

Oh Baby it’s you Now it started
The light is getting stronger by spreading in the dark Open your eyes
My song is getting louder The world that burns my heart
We, we are becoming one Baby I wanna

NCT 127 Limitless Hangul Lyrics

어젯밤 내 세계를 뒤 흔들었던 꿈이
악몽인지 혹은 나 아직 꿈 속인지
날 이끈 빛을 따라간 꿈 속 미로
그 곳에서 발견한 또 하나의 통로
공간이 열려 from the bottom up
낯선 암흑 속 집요한 call

마침내 날 닮은 너를 봐
난 너고 넌 나야
날 두드리고 깨우는 그 빛과 소리를 따라가
전율이 흘러 마침내 알게 돼
Oh baby it’s you

NCT 127 Limitless Romanization Lyrics

eojetbam nae segyereul dwiheundeureotdeon kkumi
angmonginji hogeun na ajik kkum soginji
nachigeun bicheul ttaraga kkum sok miro
geugoseseo balgyeonhan tto hanaui tongno

gonggani yeollyeo From the bottom
natseon amheuk sok
machimnae nareul dalmeun neoreul bwa (nan neogo neon naya)
nal dudeurigo kkaeuneun geu bitgwa soril ttaraga
jeonyuri heulleo machimnae algedwae

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