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K.A.R.D – Oh NaNa Lyrics

K.A.R.D Oh NaNa Lyrics

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K.A.R.D – Oh NaNa Song About


K.A.R.D is a new group by DSP Media – home to APRIL, A-JAX, Hur YoungJi, etc – that will primarily focus on music as artists than idols. The 5 member group will consist of members BM, Jeon JiWoo, J.Seph, Jeon SoMin and a hidden member. All 5 members are said to be impressive DSP trainees who are gifted in composing, writing and choreographing. The group is gaining much attention for their member SoMin, who was a part of “Baby KARA” and a former member of APRIL.
The group will focus on offline music performances and promotions for their first 3 albums, starting with their debut album that is set to drop on December 13th, 2016!

Artist : K.A.R.D
Title : Oh NaNa MV Trailer
Release : 2016.12.13

K.A.R.D – Oh NaNa English Lyrics

I’m sick of this, always
Why do only the losers talk to me?
Go Away AY
It’s so typical

Old lines, gross words
There’s no feeling
No no please
Come to me
Where are you?
My love, save me

K.A.R.D – Oh NaNa Hangul Lyrics

지겨워 Always
왜 맘에 없는 남자만
말을 거나요
Go Away AY

너무 뻔하잖아
식상한 매력
느끼한 말투
아무 느낌 없어

No No
제발 내 앞에 나타나 줘
어디에 있나요

K.A.R.D – Oh NaNa Romanization Lyrics

jigyeowo Always
wae mame eopsneun namjaman
mareul geonayo
Go Away AY

neomu ppeonhajanha
siksanghan maeryeok
neukkihan maltu
amu neukkim eopseo

No No
jebal nae ape natana jwo
eodie issnayo

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