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Jessica – Wonderland Lyrics

JESSICA (제시카) – Wonderland Lyrics

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Jessica – Wonderland Song About

Wonderland” is the 2nd mini album recorded by Korean-American singer Jessica. It was released on December 10, 2016 by Coridel Entertainment.

Track List

Dancing On The Moon
World of Dreams

Jessica – Wonderland English Lyrics

Can you imagine
Sitting on a cloud in the purple sky
Oh nanana
Oh on days like that
In my own paradise
Like the stars in the night sky
You’ll see the light

You’re like a Shooting star, Day dream
Cotton candy, you’re my Fantasy
What is this sweet feeling?
You give me butterflies, shall we fly?

Jessica – Wonderland Hangul Lyrics

Can you imagine
보라빛 하늘의
구름 위에 앉아서
Oh nanana
Oh 그런 날엔
나만의 낙원에
밤 하늘 별처럼

You’ll see the light
넌 마치 Shooting star
Day dream
Cotton candy
넌 내 Fantasy
이 달콤한 기분은 뭐 oh

Jessica – Wonderland Romanization Lyrics

Can you imagine
borabit haneurui
gureum wie anjaseo
Oh nanana
Oh geureon naren
namanui nagwone
bam haneul byeolcheoreom
You’ll see the light
neon machi Shooting star

Day dream
Cotton candy
neon nae Fantasy
i dalkomhan gibuneun mwo oh
You give me butterflies

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