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EXO – Unfair Lyrics

EXO (엑소) – 불공평해 (Unfair) Lyrics

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EXO – Unfair English Lyrics

If you smile at me like that (Girl, don’t you know?)
It’s hard for me to not feel anything
I’ve already had several cups of coffee baby
But why do I still feel like I’m in a dream?

If my friend saw me, he would’ve cursed at me
I’m not used to being like this or saying this
But in front of you, it’s like I was never like that

You’re unfair
Are you being selfish? (stop it)
Your eyes, your nose, your lips

EXO – Unfair Hangul Lyrics

그렇게 날 보고 웃으면 (Girl, don’t you know?)
아무렇지 않기는 힘들어
다 마신 커피도 벌써 몇 잔째인데 Baby
몽롱한 이유는 뭐니 oh 뭐니

아마 친구가 봤다면 욕했을 걸
이런 모습과 말들이
낯간지러워 but 네 앞에만 서면
언제 그랬냐는 듯이

넌 불공평해
이기적인 거니? (그만해)
너의 눈 너의 코 너의 입은
봐도 봐도 계속 예쁠 거니

EXO – Unfair Romanization Lyrics

geureohge nal bogo useumyeon (girl, don’t you know?)
amureohji anhgineun himdeureo
da masin keopido beolsseo myeot janjjaeinde baby
mongronghan iyuneun mwoni oh mwoni

ama chinguga bwassdamyeon yokhaesseul geol
ireon moseupgwa maldeuri
naccganjireowo but ne apeman seomyeon
eonje geuraessnyaneun deusi

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