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EXO For Life Lyrics

EXO For Life Lyrics

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EXO For Life Song About


EXO’s Winter Special Album, 2016, “For Life” will be released on 00 AM, Dec. 19th (KST).
The album contains 5 tracks, including its title track “For Life”, that would perfectly fit the winter atmosphere. The Title track “For Life” is a pop ballad song, produced by Kenzie and Matthew Tishler, and is about a sincere guy promising his one and only love for life. Enjoy the music video teaser of the album title track “For Life” and wait for the new album release!

EXO For Life English Lyrics

A mystery came to me
with a face of an angel
Your warmth
The only one who loves you,
staying by your side
Is that me?

In the cold winter morning
And a bit lonely in the night
We’re here together
The darkness has changed
to light with you, tonight
An unbelievable miracle

EXO For Life Hangul Lyrics

천사의 얼굴로
내게로 왔던 미스터리
너란 온기
네 곁에 머물며
널 사랑할 그 한 사람
추운 겨울 아침도
조금 외로운 저녁도
우린 여기 함께라
어둠은 너란 빛으로 바뀌어
믿을 수 없는 기적
오늘 너를 꼭 안고

EXO For Life Romanization Lyrics

cheonsaui eolgullo
naegero wassdeon miseuteori
neoran ongi
ne gyeote meomulmyeo
neol saranghal geu han saram
chuun gyeoul achimdo
jogeum oeroun jeonyeokdo
urin yeogi hamkkera
eodumeun neoran bicceuro bakkwieo
mideul su eopsneun gijeok
oneul neoreul kkok ango

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