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Common Ground – Mirror Lyrics (The Sound of Heart OST)

Mirror – COMMON GROUND (커먼그라운드) Lyrics

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Common Ground – Mirror English Lyrics

In The Mirror
I see myself in the mirror
Me, who resembles you

In The Mirror
Even my eyes
Are resembling yours

The way we smile, even our gestures
We’re resembling each other
Now, just by looking at your face
I know

When I dance
You move too

Common Ground – Mirror Hangul Lyrics

In The Mirror
거울속의 내 모습
너를 닮은 나

In The Mirror
내 시선까지도
너를 닮아가

웃는 모습도 손짓 하나도
점점 서로를 닮아가
네 표정만 봐도
난 알 수 있어

내가 춤을 추면
너도 움직여

Common Ground – Mirror Romanization Lyrics

In The Mirror
geoulsog-ui nae moseub
neoleul dalm-eun na

In The Mirror
nae siseonkkajido
neoleul dalm-aga

usneun moseubdo sonjis hanado
jeomjeom seololeul dalm-aga

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