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BIGBANG – Last Dance Lyrics

BIGBANG – Last Dance Lyrics

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BIGBANG – Last Dance Song About

MADE is the 3rd album recorded by South Korean boy group Bigbang. It was released on December 12, 2016 by YG Entertainment.



Artist: Bigbang
Album: MADE
Title: Last Dance
Released: December 12, 2016
Genre: K-pop
Label: YG Entertainment

BIGBANG – Last Dance English Lyrics

The love I thought will be forever is gone
For now, even some of my friends are leaving
I feel like I’m getting old
I think I became an adult like this
But I don’t know why I’m so nervous

People stay in the past today as well
And the world is still going strong without me
I’m still young
So I think I still have the temper of a child
Why am I so stupid?

BIGBANG – Last Dance Hangul Lyrics

영원할 줄 알았던 사랑도 저물고
이젠 그 흔한 친구마저 떠나가네요
나이가 들어서 나
어른이 되나 봐요
왜 이렇게 불안할까

사람들은 오늘도 과거에 머물고
세상은 나 없이도 잘 돌아가네요
아직은 어려서 나
철이 안 드나 봐요
왜 이렇게 바보 같을까
아무것도 없이

그저 행복해하던 때가
엊그제 같은데

BIGBANG – Last Dance Romanization Lyrics

yeongwonhal jul arassdeon sarangdo jeomulgo
ijen geu heunhan chingumajeo tteonaganeyo
naiga deureoseo na
eoreuni doena bwayo
wae ireohge buranhalkka
saramdeureun oneuldo gwageoe meomulgo

sesangeun na eopsido jal doraganeyo
ajigeun eoryeoseo na
cheori an deuna bwayo
wae ireohge babo gateulkka
amugeosdo eopsi

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